Living each moment as if it’s not your last

Time is short

I’ll never forget the day I learned from my mother that everyone in this world will inevitably die, including her. Now, to the six-year-old me who thought my playtime would never end, that news hit me pretty hard. Immediately, I bursted into tears of dismay, shocked by the newfound truth about mortality. Little did I know then, that was my first realization that time can be a scarce resource that shouldn’t be taken for granted. As I got older and learned about managing my own time, I noticed a disproportionate emphasis…

The pitfalls of striking a balance and what to do about it

Top-Rock: “We did it, fellas! BALANCE.” Bottom-Rock: So what?”

Everything in Moderation.

It’s something we all grew up hearing many times over, touted as the universal advice for exercising self-control and discipline. We all understand the basic premise behind moderating ourselves in the face of alluring temptations. If so, then why am I still craving for that slice of cake? Is sheer willpower the only way? How is moderation supposed to help?

The Need for Moderation

We normally wouldn’t concern ourselves about moderation while folding laundry or taking out the trash, but when it comes to tasty, hyper-palatable foods, intriguing TV episodes, or even procrastination, our notion of moderation begins to take center…

Jon Fu

I like to wrestle with thoughts and ideas

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